Saturday, 4 March 2017

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hair Transplant Surgeries That You Must Know

Hair Transplants are believed to be the best and permanent solution to extreme hair loss. Bald patients can really regain their hair, confidence and natural looks after undergoing this surgery. Techniques like FUT, FUE, and Robotic hair transplant are used. It is a matter of approaching the best surgeon to offer the best technique with the best artistry skills. As you look up to getting solutions for your hair loss, a Hair Transplant in India would offer the best results, but you must know this before you sit down for it

The advantages are;

Best solution for extreme hair loss
Once you try out Propecia (Finasteride) and other non-surgical treatments and they offer no good results, this is the best solution. Once the procedure is done, you are assured of restoring back your hair in the affected area
Best Results
The procedure brings back the real and natural hair of a patient. The hair that can cover the full head is acquired within ten months and you can style it and treat it like the natural hair
Some non-surgical treatments like therapies may not be the right solution to a patient. Once you take this surgery, you might have saved yourself from the huge expenses in the long run


Complications and risks
Complications and risks that may originate from the inexperience of the surgeon or the negligence of the patient may at times lead to death. One has to watch out for bleeding during or after the surgery, infections and losing the transplanted hair
Side effects
These include swelling and itching on the scalp where the transplanted hair was implanted. Dryness and sores may at times happen. There are also chances that the patient may be affected by anesthesia
This mainly happens in FUT due to the strip cut from the donor area. In the FUE, dot-like marks in the form of scars are created. These are the main advantages and disadvantages that you had to know before a hair transplant procedure

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