Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Risk Factors for Excessive Surgical and Post-Surgical Bleeding

Hair baldness is the serious problem nowadays. Hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia or pattern baldness that affects both men and women. So the question is that Smoking, drinking, medications can all affect the hair restoration surgery?

Most of the people have the habit of cigarette smoking and alcohol drinking nowadays and they don’t have proper take care of health and these also play an important role to affect your hair restoration surgery.

Some major risk factors for excessive surgical and post-surgical bleeding are:

• Heavy Tobacco smoking is very harmful to your health and increases the chances of lungs cancer. The nicotine and another harmful chemical may causes or increase the chances of blood circulations that’s can increase the risk of bleeding in your hair transplanted area.

• Long-term use of alcohol such as beer, wine, and others hard drinks play an important role to increase the bleeding in transplanted area. After the hair transplant treatment the patient can’t consume the alcohol otherwise, you may face the serious problem. 

• Take overdose vitamins and supplements is the another main reasons that affected your increase the chances of bleeding in your hair transplant region. Surgeons recommend patient to stop take vitamin D for several weeks after the hair transplant surgery.

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