Thursday, 27 October 2016

What Makes Hair Transplant Successful?

Here are few things that can make a person ideal candidate for the successful treatment

Having particular hair colors

Matching of the hair color with the underlying skin color is essential to be considered while surgery. If the contrast between hair and skin color then you can be better candidate for the treatment as it will increase the potential for better coverage.

Blond man with light skin appears bald after the significant hair loss as their hair color and skin blend together and fewer transplants will be needed for larger coverage.

Flexibility of scalp

Flexibility means scalp laxity can also effect the hair transplant results as if the person is having loose skin then it will become easy for the surgeon to insert and transplant new follicles. Candidates with the exceptionally tight scalp cannot get the desired results of hair transplant.

Free from scalp diseases

Any scalp diseases and adverse conditions can make the hair transplant waste of money and time. For instance men with the diffused un-patterned alopecia cannot be good candidates for the hair transplant. Even the poor supply of donor follicles can make men poor candidates.

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