Monday, 5 September 2016

Need To Follow 6 Rules After Hair Transplant

Hair loss is matter of concern for everyone and dent their stunning look and self esteem  so hair transplant in Brisbane is becoming quite common among men and women to restore their younger looks and hair for lifetime. 

Although surgical hair restoration is safe and permanent solution but following 6 post surgical rules can add to its advantages

As after operation hair follicles take time to grow and to cover scars so some patches can be seen for few days after surgery. Few patients use generic scar reducing creams after surgery but these must be avoided unless not advised by the dermatologist as otherwise it can cause swelling or infection on the scalp.  

Sleeping flat must be avoided after transplant surgery as it can lead to excessive swelling in the scalp. Patients must sleep in the semi upright position with the support of 2-3 soft pillows to keep your head elevated.

Physical stress must be avoided immediate after surgery. It is always recommended to the patients to avoid heavy exercises for at least 10 days as these may not only cause physical stress but also sweating in scalp and even sometime injury on scalp. 

Do not forget to wear wide –brimmed hat while going out to avoid the exposure to sun as it can cause excessive sweating which can hinder the growth of transplanted follicles. Generally patients are recommended to stay indoor for few days after surgery.

Always take proper diet after surgery as the proper diet can stimulate hair growth. Spicy food, alcohol and smoking must be avoided as it may disturb growth of hair by inetferi9mng the blood supply to head. Even patients must drink lots of water after surgery.  

Patients must be careful while rinsing and washing hair for few days after surgery. Hair wash must be done as the directions given by your surgeon. Even while cleaning the grafted area you must be gentle and must be done with soft towel.

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