Monday, 21 March 2016

Hair Growth Vitamins for Men

Like women, nowadays even men are very conscious about their looks. When we talk about looks, how can we forget the importance of hair? But men are more prone to hair loss than that of women the reason behind it can be hormonal or genetic. There is lots of treatment available so people ignore to take care of their health as they think that if any problem occurs they will get treatment for it. But you must have heard the idiom that is prevention is better than cure. So for men, it is more important to take care of their hair before the actual air loss occurs. The best solution for it is to have the required amount of vitamins in your daily diet. The vitamins which help to hair growth and re-growth are as following:

Vitamin A
Vitamin A helps to fight the dryness of scalp which can cause damage to hair follicle and hair thinness. Foods like the carrot which are high in beta-carotene are a good source of it.
Vitamin B
Biotin (Vitamin B7) and Niacin are from the Vitamin B family. Niacin nourishes the hair follicles whereas Biotin helps to metabolize fat, both of these functions are necessary for good hair growth
Vitamin C
Free radicals in our body are the main cause of most of our health problems and vitamin C with its antioxidant properties helps to cater with these free radicals and help in hair growth.
 Vitamin D
According to Dermatologist, Vitamin D promotes growth of hair follicles so help in hair growth
Vitamin E
Oxygen is most important for everybody part of us to function properly so is it for hair growth. Vitamin E helps to improve blood circulation which helps to increase oxygen transportation to all body parts.
Selenium helps in functions related to protein; protein which is a building block of our body and for hair too.

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